Business Technology

Review the following websites to see the proper format for a business letter:

Business Letter - Wikipedia

We will also refer to the PBL/FBLA Letter Format Guide:
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The California English-Language Arts Standards require "Closed Punctuation" in a business letter:
Closed Punctuation = Salutation must be followed with a colon
Closed Punctuation = Closing must be followed with a comma
Open Punctuation = No punctuation following the salutation or closing

Format Definitions:
Size = the size of the font (recommended size 12)
Margins = Space on the top, sides, and bottom of paper
Block Format = No indentations/align letter to left margin
Return Address = Address of Sender
Date = Date of Letter
Recipient Address = Address of Person receiving the letter
Salutation = Letter Greeting/Hello
Body = Body of Letter
Closing = Letter Closing/Goodbye
DS = Double Space
QS = Quadruple Space